Valet Parking Services

With a single call to Chuck's Parking Service, Inc., a special event representative will personally visit your location to determine the parking and transportation needs for your event.

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Unlike most large valet parking companies in Southern California, Chuck's Parking Service, Inc. specializes in Private Parties and Events. We know each event has its own unique requirements and we have the expertise and resources to make each event a huge success while minimizing the impact to the neighborhood.

We will work closely with your event vendors to ensure a smooth operation from load-in and set-up to the completion of your event.

  • If conditions at your home or venue warrant it, Chuck's Parking Service, Inc. will obtain off-site parking and shuttles to quickly get your guests to and from your event.
  • Chuck's Parking Service, Inc. has the resources to take care of all municipal permitting including business licenses, encroachment permits, meter-use permits, installing temporary "No Parking" signs and full or partial street closures
  • Chuck's Parking Service, Inc. maintains a comprehensive insurance policy including General Liability, Garagekeeper's Legal Liability and Worker's Compensation. Certificates of insurance naming you additionally insured are available to all clients.
  • Chuck's Parking Service, Inc. will provide all the necessary signage and equipment needed for your event including walkie-talkies, claim checks, safety cones, key storage boxes, flashlights and oversize umbrellas.

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