Los Angeles Valet Parking

For your next special event in Los Angeles, you will want to book the ideal valet parking service. Whether you are planning an event at your home or are coordinating a larger event at one of the city’s many cultural attractions, engaging Chuck’s Parking to valet park your attendee’s cars will make the event more elegant and also far easier to attend. There are several options that you must consider when you are looking to book a Los Angeles valet parking service. By carefully determining between these options, your special event is sure to be a success.

First, you will need to evaluate the size of the event you will be holding in Los Angeles that requires a valet parking service. How many attendees are invited, and of them, how many will actually attend? The number of attendees at your party will determine how many valet parking service attendants will be necessary to make your party a success. For smaller affairs, one or two valets would be sufficient. But if you are expecting a large turnout, you will need to consider having four or five valets, or even more.

Second, you will need to consider the geography of your special event. Is there a large and easily accessible parking area that our valet parking service can use for the guests of your event? If so, how far away is it? If not, does your Los Angeles neighborhood offer ample street parking that can be utilized for parking your guests’ cars? With street parking, will our valet parking service need to secure any type of parking permits to temporarily use?

Third, an important consideration is how long your attendees will stay at your event. For shorter events, our valet parking service must keep cars closer at hand, while for longer events, valets can ferry cars back and forth as necessary. For events where there is a constant flow of people leaving and arriving, ferrying works particularly well. Where, in proximity to the event location, will the valet stand be set up? You’ll want to ensure that your guests are not inconvenienced by long waits in line to retrieve their vehicles.

Finally, an important determination to make regarding hiring a valet parking service in Los Angeles is who will pay for which services. If you are hosting a special event that would be considered a private party or a personal affair, it would be most appropriate if you as the host paid for all charges associated with the valet service. It would then be at your guests’ discretion to tip. But if you are hosting a fundraising or other public event, it is entirely reasonable to pay a certain part of the valet parking service’s fee but also allow them to charge attendees by the car to offset the final cost.

Our valet parking service can add a special touch to any special event. The next time you are planning an affair in Los Angeles, consider hiring a Los Angeles valet parking service as a way to pamper your guests.

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